Can you give a complete detail of Rahul Gandhi, his age, education, family and birthday?

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Who is Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul Gandhi is the President of Indian National Congress and the 16th Lok Sabha member from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from that, Rahul Gandhi is also the chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress and National Students Union of India. In 2004, Rahul Gandhi joined politics and from a simple Congress worker, he began to fight and win elections from the constituency of Amethi in Uttar Pradesh to which his father also belonged. He hails from a family of politicians which started with his great-great-grandfather Motilal Nehru who had been a successful politician and later paved way to a greater success for Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. His grandmother Indira Gandhi also became a Prime Minister who was later assassinated in 1984.  His father also became the Prime Minister but was assassinated in 1991 during an election rally. His mother Sonia Gandhi was also the president of the National Congress. Since childhood, Rahul Gandhi has witnessed gory politics and lost his father too at a young age.

What is Rahul Gandhi’s age?

Being born in 1970, Rahul Gandhi is now 47 years old. He was born in Delhi and was the first child of his parents, Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi. His mother Sonia Gandhi was an Italian born woman who was married to Rajiv Gandhi.

What is Rahul Gandhi’s date of birth?

Rahul Gandhi was born on 19th of June in 1970. He is currently 47 years old and has a strong political background due to his family’s long involvement with politics. In 2017, Rahul Gandhi’s birthday was celebrated as ‘Sankalp Diwas’ by the city Congress Committee. On Rahul Gandhi’s birthday, former General Secretary of UPCC, Fuzail Hashmi asked him to take charge of the party while wishing him a long life. Rahul Gandhi also received wishes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee and the other ministers.

What is Rahul Gandhi’s date of birth?

Rahul Gandhi was born on 19th of June in 1970. He is currently 47 years old and has a strong political background due to his family’s long involvement with politics. In 2017, Rahul Gandhi’s birthday was celebrated as ‘Sankalp Diwas’ by the city Congress Committee. On Rahul Gandhi’s birthday, former General Secretary of UPCC, Fuzail Hashmi asked him to take charge of the party while wishing him a long life. Rahul Gandhi also received wishes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee and the other ministers.

What is Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Handle?

Rahul Gandhi has a huge number of followers on Twitter. He uses the Twitter Handle @RahulGandhi. He has more than 6 million followers and 3,736 tweets. He tweets about his political opinions and also connects publicly with people through his twitter account. His tweets get hundreds of retweets, likes and comments. Rahul Gandhi himself follows only 161 people on Twitter.

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How many people follow Rahul Gandhi on his official Facebook Page?

Rahul Gandhi has an official Facebook Page which has around 1.7 million followers. You can check out his latest posts on his Facebook Page.

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Where does Rahul Gandhi live?

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi live in New Delhi all by himself. His address is 12, Tughlaq Lane, New Delhi.

What is Rahul Gandhi’s educational qualification?

Rahul Gandhi attended St. Columba’s School in Delhi and later joined The Doon School which in Uttarakhand which he attended from 1981 to 1983. In the meantime, his grandmother Indira Gandhi was assassinated and his father Rajiv Gandhi was made the Prime Minister of India. It brought some difficulties in the lives of Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka. Due to some security threats from the Sikh extremist community, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka were home-schooled for that time. In 1989, Rahul Gandhi joined St. Stephen’s College in Delhi to finish his undergraduate education but then he moved to Harvard University after he completed the first year. After his father Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) bombing during an election rally, Rahul Gandhi shifted to Rollins College in Florida, USA due to the security concerns. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Arts in 1994. He took up a pseudonym Raul Vinci and it was only known to the university officials and the security agency to ensure his security.

Later, he went on to earn an M.Phil from Trinity College in Cambridge in 1995. After finishing his graduation Rahul Gandhi was working with a management consulting firm Monitor Group located in London. In 2002, he became a director of Backops Services Private Limited, a Mumbai-based technology outsourcing firm. In 2004, Rahul Gandhi had informed the press about a Spanish girlfriend whom he had met during his course in England. But later in 2013, he declared that he might not get married.

Who are the parents of Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul Gandhi was born to Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in 1970 in Delhi. Rajiv Gandhi was a popular politician and became the 6th Prime Minister of India in 1984. After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, her son Rajiv Gandhi took office and became the Prime Minister. At the age of 40, Rajiv Gandhi was the youngest Prime Minister of India. He finished his education in United Kingdom and returned to India in 1966. Rajiv Gandhi became a professional pilot and started working with a state-owned Indian Airlines. In 1968, he married Sonia Gandhi, an Italian woman and settled in Delhi.

Sonia Gandhi later became the President of Indian National Congress. Sonia Gandhi was born and raised in Roman Catholic family in Italy. She moved to Cambridge after completing her basic education from schools in her locality. In 1968, she married Rajiv Gandhi and took Indian Citizenship. Later, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated and Sonia Gandhi was invited to join politics by the Congress leaders.

How did Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi meet?

Sonia Maino (Maiden Name), despite being an Italian, knew fluent English and this landed her the job of a waitress in Varsity Restaurant in the town of Cambridge. In 1965, Rajiv Gandhi visited the restaurant and that was the first time he met Sonia Gandhi and from there the journey began. Rajiv was then a student of Cambridge University. Rajiv Gandhi could not cope up with the strict academic rules of Cambridge and moved to London to join Imperial College of Engineering in 1966. At that time, Sonia also moved to London and started working at a company run by Salman Thassir. She was also helping Rajiv to cope financially. Madhavrao Scindia was also a good friend to Sonia Gandhi at that time.

How was the early life of Rahul Gandhi?

Being born in Delhi on 19th of June, 1970, Rahul Gandhi was the eldest son of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi was born in a Hindu Brahmin family. Having a family of politicians, Rahul Gandhi has a very strong political background. His great-grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India. After that, his grandmother and later his father also held the post of the Prime Minister consecutively. After the assassination of Indira Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother, his father Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister. Unfortunately, he was also killed by the Tamil Tigers’ suicide bombers in an election rally. He was young then and his education was hampered because of the threats received from extremists and he had to go abroad and take up a pseudonym to make sure that he is safe. He attended St. Columba’s School in Delhi and The Doon School in Uttarakhand when his father came into politics and became the Prime Minister after Indira Gandhi’s assassination. At that time, the Gandhi family felt quite vulnerable after receiving threats from Sikh Extremists and Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka were being home-schooled. Rahul Gandhi joined St. Stephen’s College in Delhi but later moved to Harvard University for his undergraduate education. Situation became even worse when Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated and he was moved to Florida to study in Rollins College for security concerns. From there, he completed his graduation in 1994. It is known that during his graduation in Rollins College, Rahul Gandhi assumed a pseudo name and was identified as Raul Vinci. Raul Vinci was an Italian name and belonged to 17th Century Catholic Father. His real identity was only known by the college authority and security agencies. Later, he completed his M.Phil. from Trinity College, Cambridge in 1995.

Rahul Gandhi had a troubled childhood due to his father’s untimely death. However, he overcame it went on to become the President of Indian National Congress and a Member of Parliament from Amethi where his father also belonged to.

Where was Rahul Gandhi born?

Rahul Gandhi was born in Delhi to Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi. He celebrates his birthday on June 19 every year. This 47-year-old politician is currently the President of Indian National Congress. Being a descendant of the Nehru-Gandhi Family, he has seen the gory politics since his childhood. He was sent abroad to stay safe from the Sikh Extremists after his grand-mother Indira Gandhi was assassinated. Then he completed his graduation in Florida under a pseudonym after his father’s assassination by the Tamil Tigers (LTTE).

Is Rahul Gandhi related to Mahatma Gandhi?

The ‘Gandhi’ surname came from Feroze Jehangir Ghandy. After joining the freedom struggle, Ghandy changed his surname into ‘Gandhi’. He had no relation to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Indira Priyadarshini Nehru (daughter of the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru) married Feroze Gandhi in 1942 and thereafter became Indira Gandhi. There is no connection between Rahul Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhiji. 

Who are there in Rahul Gandhi’s Family?

Rahul Gandhi had lost his father Rajiv Gandhi in a suicide bombing in Sriperumbudur located near Chennai un 1991. Currently, he has his mother Sonia Gandhi, Sister Priyanka Vadra and brother-in-law Robert Vadra. Priyanka Vadra also serves as Trustee of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Robert Vadra is a businessman from Delhi. Priyanka and Robert Vadra got married in 1997 and the wedding took place in their Gandhi home at 10 Janpath in Delhi. They have two children, a son and a daughter. Priyanka Gandhi follows Buddhist philosophy and practices Vipassana meditation taught by S.N. Goenka. Rahul Gandhi lives alone in his 12, Tughlaq Lane house in Delhi. 

When did Rahul Gandhi join Congress Party?

In March 2004, Rahul Gandhi declared that he would contest the elections in May 2004. He entered into politics by standing on behalf of his father’s previous constituency of Amethi in UP Lok Sabha, lower house of the Indian Parliament. Sonia Gandhi was previously holding that seat from Amethi Constituency. After her transfer to the Rae Bareilly constituency, Rahul Gandhi decided to stand for it. Since Congress, at that time, was holding only 10 out of the 80 Lok Sabha seats in Uttar Pradesh, their decision surprised the political commentators who thought Priyanka would be a better candidate due to her charming personality. People started speculating that the involvement of a young member from the most famous Indian political family would re-establish the strong position of Congress in politics. In his first interview with the foreign media, Gandhi criticized the ‘Divisive’ politics in India and said that he would try to re-unite India, reducing the tension related to caste and religion. Rahul Gandhi won in that election and became the MP from the constituency of Amethi, Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi together campaigned for their mother Sonia Gandhi’s re-election to the constitution of Rae Bareilly in 2006. In 2007, Rahul Gandhi was appointed as the General Secretary of the All India Congress Committee in a re-shuffle. In that same occasion, he was also chosen as the Chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India.

His works as a General Secretary of Indian Youth Congress:

As soon as he became the general secretary of the Indian Youth Congress and the National Students Union of India, he started taking steps to improve the youth politics. In November 2008, Rahul Gandhi arranged for interviews in his residence at 12 Tughlaq Lane to choose 40 people who would constitute the think-tank of the Indian Youth Congress. He took every step to transform the Youth Congress after becoming the General Secretary of this organization.

There had been huge change in IYC and NSUI along with a whopping rise in the number of members from 200,000 to 2.5 million.

Lok Sabha Elections in 2009

In 2009 Lok Sabha Elections, Rahul Gandhi defeated his opponent by a wide margin of more than 370,000 votes and retained his seat in Amethi. Rahul Gandhi’s victory was considered as the revival of Congress in Uttar Pradesh as they occupied 21 seats out of the 80 Lok Sabha seats which belonged to UP. In just six weeks, Rahul Gandhi spoke to 125 rallies all over the country.

Rahul Gandhi was arrested in Bhatta Parsaul village in Uttar Pradesh for supporting a protest by agitating farmers who demanded more remuneration for the acquisition of their land for a highway project. Later, Rahul Gandhi was bailed and released at the Delhi-UP border.

Assembly Elections in 2012

2012 Assembly Election was not so fortunate for Rahul Gandhi. After holding 200 rallies for almost two months in Uttar Pradesh election, he won 28 seats which was better than the previous 2007 election result. However, in Amethi, Congress only won two seats out of the 15 seats. Rahul Gandhi accepted responsibility for the election results in a public interview. In the next election, which was the Gujarat Assembly Elections Rahul Gandhi was not the head of the election campaign. This was taken as a sign of defeat and also considered to be a method to avoid blame. In that election, Congress won 57 seats out of 182 and later they lost 4 seats to BJP.

In 2014, Rahul Gandhi stood for his constituency Amethi in the Indian General Elections. He also led the campaigns. That year, Gandhi defeated Smriti Irani by a margin of 107,000 votes.

What are some of the most popular videos of Rahul Gandhi speech?

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Is Rahul Gandhi married? What are some popular rumors related to Rahul Gandhi marriage?

No. Rahul Gandhi, the 47-year-old politician is yet to get married. Although Rahul Gandhi is not married yet, there have been multiple rumors regarding his marriage.

In 2004, Rahul Gandhi publicly declared that he had a Spanish girlfriend who was an architect from Venezuela. He said he had met her in London while studying. But in later he disclosed that their marriage was not happening.

Recently, there was a rumor that Rahul Gandhi would get married to Aditi Singh, the MLA who has been elected from Raebareli Sadar. However, Aditi Singh has debunked the rumor saying Rahul Gandhi is like her elder brother.

When Olympic Medalist Vijender Singh asked Rahul Gandhi about his marriage, Congress Vice President replied, “Jab hogi, hogi”. The 47-year-old politician believes in destiny when it comes to marriage. 

What are some unknown facts about Rahul Gandhi?

Here are some unknown facts about Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

  • The bodyguards who were involved in Indira Gandhi’s assassination taught Rahul Gandhi how to play Badminton and were also his friends. In his later years, Rahul recalled the incident and said, “My friends killed my grandmother,"
  • Although Rahul Gandhi loves to keep his life private, he went public and declared about his girlfriend Veronique Cartelli and said, “My girlfriend's name is Veronique not Juanita. She is Spanish and not Venezuelan or Colombian. She is an architect not a waitress, though I wouldn't have had a problem with that." He hasn’t disclosed anything about the current status of their relationship.
  • In his official parliamentary website, Rahul declared his profession as “Farmer”. While he is an M.Phil. in Development Economics, in 2009, his bio changed into “Strategy Consultant”.
  • Rahul Gandhi has constantly changed his educational institutions. Even when he was abroad, he was studying under a pseudonym due to the security threats that they were receiving at that time.
  • Before coming into politics, he was working for a management consulting firm in London called Monitor Group. After that, he was also one of the directors of a Mumbai-Based company called Backops Services Private Limited which was dealing mainly with technology outsourcing.
  • Rahul Gandhi is a black belt in Aikido, a Japanese Martial Arts form.

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